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A  P A S S I O N  F O R  P H O T O G R A P H Y  

S P A N N I N G  O V E R  T W O  D E C A D E S



    My photographic experience dates as far back as the mid-1980’s with my first SLR camera.  I began taking photography classes as early as junior high, and continued my formal training through college.  Having a background in traditional film has proven to be a tremendous asset in the digital world.  The techniques learned in the darkroom have transitioned from developing tiny grains of silver to a unique appreciation for the finer details found in every pixel of today’s digital photographs.


   While serving in the Air Force, I traveled the world capturing everything between America’s coasts to exotic destinations including Europe, Asia, and Africa.  2009 marked my professional début with the official launch of Steve Ellmore Studios.  In 2012 I retired from the military and finaly settled in Maryland where I continue to pursue my passion for photography.


Steve Ellmore

My gear consists of Nikon lenses, cameras and flashes exclusively including: